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Nobody and… nothing.

In such an evil world, where human life has so little value, art and madness are obvious answers…
A website with his name… that is far less expensive than a gravestone, prettier, and…
you can enjoy it alive!
I will not change the world. I am far too weak… but I try and I will die trying.
If I was more powerfull, I would not like to change a so pleasant world (for me…).
As I am weak, I suffer with weak people of the world, and I do my best to push the world in a better way…
In fact, between my birth and my death, I have nothing better to do than to move pixels, words and octets in this website.
Jacques RAFFIN • Triberg
At one foot, you should see three pictures, but only the one in the middle is in relief…

*This CD-Rom was full of personal creations (music, novel, poems, psychologie, graphic creations, and so on...)
and I sold more than Vincent Van Gogh sold paintings…

About it, the quebecer newspaper Le Devoir honoured me with an article, that you could read here, as soon as I find it again…

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